AUGUST 04, 2014

The UK residency was over for most of the team but not for Jim Greco, Spencer Hamilton, Lucien Clarke, Oscar Candon and Javier Sarmiento who hopped over to Warsaw Poland for a signing at Kamuflage Skatestore and a demo at Piasenczno Skatepark.

Spencer Hamilton and Jim Greco arrive.

Oscar Candon was happy to be back on the ground.

Van life continues.

Łazienki Palace

We hit the local DIY spot for some BBQ and beers with the locals.

Lucien, switch front blunt.

Jim Greco.

Oscar, tight Texas plant.

End of session.

The following day started with a signing at Kamuflage Skateshop.

After the signing we went straight to Piasenczno skatepark for the demo, Javier frontside flips the long driveway.

Lucien looks on as Spencer 360 flips.

That evening the boys hosted a party with the locals at a bar on the banks of the Vistula river that cuts through Warsaw.

Thanks to Wojciech Stec and all at Cool sports distribution, Kamuflague Skate Shop, Piasenczno Skatepark and everyone who showed up to support SUPRA skateboarding. Peace out.

Photos: Miłosz Rebeś.

Story: Vaughan Baker.