Counterfeit Education

Though we’d like to help victims of counterfeiting, we cannot reimburse money used to purchase counterfeit products or to assist with the resolution of disputes, including assistance with PayPal refunds. However, by locating counterfeiters and taking legal action against them, we are doing our part to eliminate future incidents of counterfeiting from occurring. Our goal is to help our customers to be aware of counterfeit footwear that is being sold to unsuspecting buyers as genuine SUPRA products.

Facts about Counterfeit

Protect Yourself

The good news is that it’s pretty easy to tell the authentic SUPRAs from the counterfeit fakes. But before we jump into that, here’s some easy ways to avoid getting hustled.

  1. To ensure you purchase only authentic SUPRA products, please remember that they can only be purchased at:
    • SUPRA Footwear Flagship stores and our official web site.
    • Authorized SUPRA Footwear retailers.
    • Authorized online SUPRA Footwear retailers.
  2. Avoid websites that contain SUPRA anywhere in the domain name. If you are viewing SUPRA Footwear products online anywhere other than and the domain name includes “supra” or any variation of this word, or includes one of our style names in the domain address, e.g. “Skytop,” this product is certainly counterfeit.
  3. Search engines (such as Google) do not screen Web sites that appear in their search results... LAME! Be cautious of Web sites that appear on the first pages of Google searches for “SUPRA” or similar keywords or search terms—only the official SUPRA Footwear Web site and its authorized retailers’ Web sites are trusted online sources for purchasing authentic SUPRA Footwear products.
  4. SUPRA Footwear is not offered through individuals, street vendors, flea markets, and unauthorized retail locations.
  5. Be cautious of purchasing what are advertised as SUPRA Footwear on eBay, and other auction websites. Authorized SUPRA Footwear retailers are not permitted to sell products on eBay trade boards, therefore the SUPRA products on auction sites is often counterfeit. Finding deeply discounted or cheap prices on these sites are often a good indication that a product is counterfeit. However, many counterfeiters are now charging full retail price to avoid detection from consumers.
  6. If a deal seems too good to be true, question it - it usually is. The only way to ensure you get the quality and durability of genuine SUPRA Footwear is to go through one of our Authorized Retailers.

Some Specific Ways To Spot Fake SUPRA Footwear

Report a counterfeiter

Below are some links to anti-counterfeit organizations and government agencies:

Known Counterfeit SUPRA Sites

Counterfeit SUPRA Examples

Fake eyelets

Puffed out seams.

Beer Holders

Looks more like a beer holder.

Fake Box

Smashed box.

Fake backs

Wrong design altogether.

Inferior leather, bad photography.

Inferior leather, bad photography.

Hand painted foxing

Hand-painted foxing.