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Longtime SUPRA Footwear icon, Chad Muska collaborated on a series of his iconic silhouettes to represent the 10 year history and progression of the brand through his own artwork. Silver foiled leather with a black distressed overprint. Embroidered DECADE X logo on heel panel. Custom sockliner with black and white FOREVER artwork print. Clear cupsole with printed black and white FOREVER artwork.

Technical Description
  • Silver foiled leather
  • Black distressed over paint
  • Flat waxed laces
  • “X” Embroidered logo
  • Custom “FOREVER” Print Sockliner
  • Black SUPRAFOAM midsole
  • Clear “FOREVER” Print Outsole


Decade X Is So Great That It "Catches Fire" 10/29/2016 Awesome shoes! I happened to grab a pair the night they came out. I'm not sure how they sold out so fast, but after I purchased them, I tried to grab another pair 20 minutes later but they were gone! They are super comfortable, A little shiny, but black enough that it's not overwhelming. My favorite part is the bottom of the shoe and the inside soul of the shoe. If they made a shore where the outside was the same design/color as the inside soul and the outer rubber and "heel pull pull tab" were the same color as the bottom of the shoe, I would buy that in a heartbeat. I own all the Decade X's so far and I think the best part of all of them is the clear "ice" rubber on the bottom of the shoe. Supra does this with a bunch of their shoes (like the clear black part of the burgundy Skytop 3s and Elingtons, or the ice blue bottom of the grey Skytop 3s from 2011 -- which is my favorite shoe to date) and I buy everything they make with that clear look. I'm hoping that they do something like that with the Decade X Skytop 4 - my favorite design of all of the Skytops -- along with the heel cover, which came on the original black Skytop 4 and the Skytop 4 Hunger Games shoe. I also wish the sold that Skytop 4 heal cover in several different colors as an accessory on their website. I'd buy all different colors for $20. Not only does it look cool, but it helps to guard the shoe, or cover it up if gets shredded after boarding. So, to wrap it up, the Skytop 3 Decade X is rad, an instant classic and bound to be rare. And the last thought is more of a hopeful wish... PLEASE make the heal guard for the Skytop 4 Decade X, plus a series of Decade X heal guards in different suede colors and available as a separate piece to purchase. I could mix and match it with all of my different kicks and it would totally "catch fire" (pun intended). A heal guard for the Skytop 3 would be killer too. A mini one. :)
Decade X Awesome And Sold Out! Shredder203 10/22/2016 Just got mine in the mail! I wanted to get a second pair but they were sold out on the second day! Are you guys planning to make them available again? Is there a reason they are sold out? PLEASE make the Decade X Skytop 4 more available as it's my favorite shoe design and I've been waiting for the decade X version to drop for 3 months! Can't wait! Thanks for making a killer product!

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