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Longtime SUPRA Footwear icon, Chad Muska collaborated on a series of his iconic silhouettes to represent the 10 year history and progression of the brand through his own artwork. Chad Muska’s painting is printed onto suede with a white distressed paint application. Embroidered DECADE X logo on heel panel. Printed foxing tape with white distressed spackle to mimic Chad’s upper artwork. Custom sockliner with full color FOREVER artwork print. Clear outsole with printed full color FOREVER artwork showcasing through.

Technical Description
  • White suede 
  • Hand painted all over print 
  • Flat waxed laces 
  • “X” Embroidered logo 
  • Custom “FOREVER” Print Sockliner 
  • Clear “FOREVER” Print Outsole


Amazing Chief 7/1/2017 Loved the shoes until
They ripped on the sides .
Worth the money juanito 2/15/2017 These shoes are amazing. They are a little bit darker than they look on the picture, which is actually much better than the picture. The texture is also very unique. I'm loving them!
Fresh SirBlues 2/12/2017 Fresh and comfortable... Love these!
Dope MUK NASTYZ 1/28/2017 That musks skytop is fresh as a mofo! Skytop in general are pribly the sickest kick out. I've even sported them while wearing suits to add flare. Love the shoe, love Supra as a Co.
Awesomeness King 11/15/2016 This shoe sums up Supra= Unique!
I have owned about 5 pairs of supra's from 2014 till today and none of them have been regular. What can I say? Ten years of awesomeness!
Wack Denver 11/14/2016 Man what is this, this is horrible
The shoes are Dope Ryan 11/2/2016 These shoes are fresh as hell, My friend recently got a pair of these when they were first revealed by Supra. I am personally getting these for a couple of reasons. First of all,these have a stash bag in them which really shocked me and the bottom of the shoe is so beautiful with red blue and purple on the bottom which really pulls together the shoe along with this beautiful artwork on it. Finally, the packaging is almost as cool as this shoe, it comes in a greyish box with a black X. I am definitely getting a pair, these are definitely worth the 150$ now rather than 300-500$ later.
Surprise in Design (Q) 10/25/2016 I always get size 11, these fit perfectly. You can't really tell from the photos posted but the whole shoe is coated in a crumbling white paint, I've picked at it and it's on there solid. I think it's meant to come off over time and the design underneath will start to stand out more, especially on the edge of the sole the top layer can be peeled up to reveal a much more distinguished color. The more you wear them the better they look!
Dope shoes! Ajax 10/4/2016 I Love Supra footwear and seeing this makes me love it even more!

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