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Chad Muska's iconic and highly imitated signature high top is constructed atop a vulcanized sole. Padded lining in the collar and tongue provide comfort and support.

Technical Description
  • Black leather upper
  • Black foxing and red soleplate
  • Red sole.
  • Red Carpet Series.


Best of the best KooterBooter 12/12/2017 These are the best looking shoes on this site! Digging the stash pocket, too!
The Skytop is my go-to shoe MindPlex 11/17/2017 These shoes are awesome. I am not sure why everyone says they do not hold up well. I have 2 pairs of these. Once they loose their freshness, i just use them for gym. I do not beat up my shoes but I lift heavy and consistently use them nearly everyday. Both pairs over 1 year. Very strong shoe compared to say a Canvas Tuf Vaider.

P.S. Supra would you please make a limited edition premium version of this (monochrome black) and please bring back the all grey skytop. I am not really that into the evos. Thanks. Btw I have owned atleast 7 pairs of supras(skyptop/vaiders).

Amazing Shoes On All Accounts @aceparente 10/28/2017 These shoes are really great. They look amazing and hold up well. I wear them to school everyday and have for the past year, I will only need to replace them when I grow out of them.
Amazing looking shoe that doesn't last Ian 10/13/2017 I love these shoes. I'm on to my 4th pair or them. Yet, that's the problem. They don't last. The sole rubs out at the bottom within a year with normal everyday use. Yet they look so good I keep coming back.
It also really irks me that I can't get the completely black/grey ones anymore and the only ones available have a red sole. I wish there was another option without that as I'd like complete black/grey ones.
Great shoe, poor quality Pants 88888884292 2/18/2017 I agree with the other guy.

These shoes are incredible, while they last only. Which out of the 4 pairs I have, only 1 of them lasted past 3 months or so. They need to build a better quality shoe so we can actually enjoy buying them.
Dissapointed Jamil 2/5/2017 Very comfortable shoe but I paid 110 dollars for them to rip open at the bottoms in only 3 months. I only wore them for casual wear and this still happened. I think these shoes have a lot of potential but consumers should be granted credit or replacement shoes when things like this happen.
Comfortable shoe. Nick 5/15/2016 Comfortable shoe.

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