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One of our most popular silhouettes of all time, the classic Vaider, has been reengineered with an all-new sole system and a reinforced upper to deliver an amazingly durable high top built to withstand the elements and keep your feet warm, comfortable, and protected in cold weather. Vaider CW introduces a multilayer sole construction with directional grip and traction for optimal performance and temperature control in rain, ice, and snow. A foil strobel within the latex midsole blocks the cold from penetrating the shoe while retaining heat from your body. This upper enhances water repellency while a bellow-gusseted tongue keeps exterior elements blocked from the shoe’s padded interior.

Technical Description

-All over charcoal nubuck leather upper
-Gunmetal crown and hook lacing
-Charcoal waxed laces
-Bone White foxing and black rugged soleplate


Not really what I expected dan 11/3/2017 Some back ground information, I wear Adidas and Nikes for the most part and never had any experiences with with supras, They fit about half a size larger in my case which isnt a problem but somthing to note. The reason why I gave it three stars is that its poor quality.. Maybe I've been spoiled by the name brands but the supra shoes that I received are VERY poor quality..

The punched out material has left frayed edges and the stitch holding it together isnt cut cleanly. Its "fluffed off" where it ends and makes it VERY noticeable. Not that big of an issue as you can just get a lighter and burn them in but my biggest complaint is the outside molding on the inner view where the shoe curves in. Its not seamless, you can tell exactly where there are different materials to build the sole of the shoe. As the rubber sole, the padding for the foot, the material for the outside of the shoe, etc. I looked for pictures but they cleverly left that angle or view out. If your confused about where im talking about, on the third picture its the bottom curve. As if you wear two shoes its the inner curves as they look at each other.

Its like their cutting dyes/molds are off by 1/4-1/2 a inch and they just said w/e and molded the incorrectly fitting parts making sure the outside view of the shoe's molding looks good which you can see in the pictures. For 125 I'd get some Adidas or save a little and grab some jordans. I've never had a quality issue with both of those brands.. I really only would wear these in the snow, it would be pretty embarrassing if someone points it out on a brand new pair of shoes. I also got bought a pair of BLEEKER's and they dont have this issue, looks like its only the vaders but these are the first supra shoes I've ever bought.

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