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The Crown Coalition: European Tour

OCTOBER 05, 2013

Issue IV Saturday, October 5, 2013 SUPRA

The Crown Coalition

Presents SUPRA Europe Tour 2013 - PART I

By Chad Muska

Jim Greco

Jim Greco

I am departing on a journey, headed into the unknown, out of my comfort zone in the sanctuary of my creative studio and into the constant presence of a gang of hoodlums, rockers, and skate ninja. I am headed to Europe with a group so diverse that people can not help but stare at us and wonder of what we do, who we are, and why we are together. Just picture a normal family watching Lizard King run up to Stevie Williams and give him a hug. It's pretty funny if you ask me. I love it and it's all skateboarding. The cool thing is that all these guys are so different and come from such diverse backgrounds, but they've been united through skateboarding and will remain friends for life. I have been traveling to Europe on these tours for years and they never fail to change me in some way. They give me a new perspective on life and bring me closer to people. This SUPRA Europe trip would turn out to be another one of those life-changing experiences. I buckled my seatbelt, sat back and took a deep breath, and got ready to take off for another adventure of a lifetime.


Right when I showed up at the airport and saw the crew and started feeling the energy, I knew this was going to be an amazing time. The plan was to get the entire SUPRA team together in Berlin to shoot our annual team photo. Always easier said than done. Getting all 17 riders together at the same time and have them all sit still and look at the camera can be nothing short of a miracle.

The first few days before the shoot we just cruised around Berlin skating street and hanging out at the SUPRA showroom in the Mitte. We checked out the Bright Tradeshow then headed over to our first demo at The Skate Halle. I had spent the last three months working on art in my warehouse by myself and not skating, so I had to kick myself into skate mode. Seeing the team skate got me hyped, though, and I had a blast shredding with them. I skated for a bit then decided to grab the mic and hype the homies and kids up a little because I am an entertainer and that's what I like to do. The guys killed it. I also got to see Pat Rumney skate for the first time and he rips. Hard. It was another successful demo and a great start to the #supraeuropetour.

After the demo I went back to the hotel and grabbed my DJ gear and headed to the after party where I was booked to do a set. I showed up to a place where skateboarding, rock climbing, and all other sorts of activities go down during the day, but by night it becomes a sea of youth with night clubs and live music. I showed up at the venue at midnight and there were tons of people in an outdoor area hanging out and listening to music. I walked into the adjacent indoor area where I was supposed to be DJing, and there was nobody in it. I was like, "Dang this sucks," but I decided to get set up and just do what I came to do. I had a few problems with the Serato DJ set up at first, but eventually got it together and started playing. One by one the place started filling up, and then, suddenly, it was as if I looked down to play a song and when I looked up the place was raging. I went on to DJ the night away with some of the best energy I've felt in a long time. I even saw an Instagram video of people stage diving. Kevin Romar had my back and played some tracks too. It was an amazing night.

On the way back from the club it was super late at night and we were walking over this bridge when I saw a handrail going down that I wanted to check out. As we were walking down the stairs, that's when we saw it. Boom! The handrail went down into this amazing looking tunnel that was similar to the one in London where we shot the last team pic. We decided this would be the location for this year's team shoot. The next day the crew descended the dark stairway into the long, arched tunnel, and like Voltron, we formed as one, and the 2013 team photo was complete. Job well done.

…a gang of hoodlums, rockers, and skate ninja.

Not THE team photo, but a partial team photo

Not THE team photo, but a partial team photo.

Nick Tucker, switch inward heel flip.

Nick Tucker, switch inward heel flip.


This was my first time heading into eastern Europe. I have a lot of roots from this area, including Czech blood, so I felt like I was returning to the motherland in strange a way and I was really excited. We drove from Berlin to Prague in three vans and right when we got to Prague I could tell that it was a magical city. Such a perfect example of Old World meeting the new in endless mazes of circular streets and walkways. I hadn't skated for a while and my body was already feeling the effects from Berlin, but the show must go on. We hit the streets in the main city, then some spots on the outskirts, and finally headed to a BBQ where the Mystic Cup is held. We rolled up to DJs tearing it up, food cooking, mad skaters skating the course, and, surprisingly, Dave Duncan! Yes!

…and like Voltron, we formed as one.

Lizard Frenching a Czech bird.

Lizard Frenching a Czech bird.

I saw Erik Ellington grabbing some food, so I sat down next to him to hang out. As we were sitting there, a bird landed on the table. The bird looked at both of us. Then the bird grabbed Erik's plate and tried to drag it away. The bird gave us a look like, "You know I can't carry all this, so will you please break me off a little piece?" So we gave him some bread and he hung out with us for awhile.

Later I saw the same bird had landed on Lizard and wouldn't leave his shoulder. They were best friends for the evening. But then we had to leave and so the bird flew off into the night. That was the coolest bird I've ever met in my life.

Tom Penny, precarious nollie flip.

Tom Penny, precarious nollie flip.

The next day we hit the streets again and after a few spots we showed up at this pretty big hubba ledge. I decided to go for it and ended up getting broke off. Although it took me out, I was hyped to jump on it and ride it down. Just knowing that I have it in me to continue trying these things is enough to keep me going. Greco, Keelan, and Rumney ended up killing some spots and then we headed to the demo at Stalin Square…

What! The demo had an insane turnout, tons of people, DJ booth, and the spot boasts an incredible view of the city. Such amazing energy in Prague! Some of my OG fans came out in full effect, replete with Fulfill The Dream copies and Ghetto Child tank tops. It brought back great memories at a great demo in a great city. To be continued.

Photography by Jeremy Adams and Dennis Martin™