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The Crown Coalition: Stevie Williams

SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

Issue I Monday, September 10, 2012SUPRA

The Crown Coalition

Presents Stevie Williams

Soldier of Fortune

Front Blunt Slide

Switch frontside bluntslide. Atlanta, GA.

The Crown Coalition is a new series of short interviews with SUPRA team riders. The first interview in the series is with Stevie Williams who, after recently releasing his first signature shoe with SUPRA, the S1W, is unquestionably rocking the crown right now. We caught up with Stevie while he was at home in Atlanta.

…keep grinding.
Keep it going,
don’t stop.

Photography By Shad Lambert

So it seems like you’re busy jet-setting between Atlanta and LA these days. Where are you at right now?

Atlanta, just livin’ life, skating and being happy, promoting my new shoe.

What is it you like about Atlanta compared to LA?

It reminds me of Philly: regular people being themselves not trying to be someone they’re not. I kind of missed that growing up in Philly and then moving to LA. Sometimes people in LA can get so caught up in making money and making moves that they forget how to be regular people. Atlanta helped remind me how normal people are. They’re mad down to earth out here. Some people don’t have chances to chase their dreams and shit, so it made me realize I’ve been really fortunate. I love it out here.

Nose Grind

Backside 180 nosegrind. Hollywood, CA.

Plus Atlanta has that great music, skate, and party scene going on.

Yeah, there’s a bunch of parties out here, but LA is poppin’, that’s where the parties are at. I actually just stayed in Sydney for a bit, that’s also one of the best cities in the world. Dope skaters out there, and everybody was cool, really made me feel at home. It’s up there with Atlanta, LA, New York, Barcelona—just added Sydney to that plate. Great memories there.

So what was the process and inspiration for designing your new S1W shoe?

I really wanted to do something iconic, you know? Something that could live up to SUPRA’s designs. I was skating in, and really feeling, the Vaiders and Skytops, so I kind of wanted to make a fresh shoe that represented both me and SUPRA. So I talked to Josh Brubaker and he banged out the S1W, and he just hit the nail on the head first try.

You actually designed the sole on the S1W to be a little lower?

True. I wanted to have more board feel as well as be a little bit more fashionable. I felt like the big soles were from an older era. Even though the S1W resembles a retro stylish shoe, it has those fashion forward elements. End result: the shoe looks dope and skates really well.

Cool. So by the looks of the DGK Instagram, you guys are doing big things for the DGK video?

Yeah, we made a decision to spend three weeks working on a lot of things, and we put a lot of money into a great production to give back to the fans. We want it to resonate with the customer and to live up to what the brand’s about. Don’t want to give too much away, but we’re going big filming that hot shit. We’ve still got a lot of editing, but we’re hoping to drop this before the end of the year. So that gives us more time for the skating to be on point as well.

Yeah, you guys seem to find some really talented guys for the team.

Yeah, like with Keelan—he was introduced to me by Karl Watson maybe about six or seven years ago—so he was always under my wing as far as me letting him know he was going to get on. Then when he got on, he turned up. He’s really stylish as well, which is really what DGK is about: very style driven and, at the same time, having that skill set. I like to think I have a good eye for talent, but it’s not just myself. It has a lot to do with the other team members, team manager, partner, and overall plan of what we want to do. There’s been a few times when I jumped the gun and was trying to put people on DGK, and it didn’t work. I let some people down, but you live and you learn. You have to apologize sometimes. It’s more of a team decision now.

360 Flip

Tre flip. Los Angeles, CA.

Front Nose

Switch frontside noseslide. Hollywood, CA.

Since we’re talking about teams, what do you think about the mix of people we have on the SUPRA team?

I think SUPRA has one of the most eclectic group of skaters in the game. Man, it just brings a variety of different fans to the demos, from Deathwish, Baker, DGK, Blind, Slave, Expedition. And there’s so many iconic skaters next to the real ams on the street, which is dope. You don’t really see that with too many teams. We just gonna keep on pumping and showing what we do. That’s why these kids rockin’ on that SUPRA boat, ya feel me?

Yup. Any words of advice for everyone out there?

Just wanted to tell everybody to keep grinding. Keep it going, don’t stop. And of course thanks to the people over there like Scott Bailey, Dennis, Terry, Shad, Josh, and everyone at SUPRA, I really appreciate all the love over there.



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