Feature / #alwaysontherun Interview → Julien Lachaussée
October 19, 2016
Interview → Julien Lachaussée
Interview →  Julien Lachaussée
Images: Julien Lachaussée & Portrait: Mathieu Claudine

For the launch of Barberline’s 3rd issue featuring Lucien Clarke photographed by Julien Lachaussée, we hosted an art show & party at our Paris store and showcased a series of previously unreleased images by the French photographer & publisher. If you happen to be in Paris this upcoming week, the official magazine launch is happening on October 26 – so go pick up your free issue! In the meantime, have a read of our interview.

4: julien lachaussée ©

Can you tell us a little about the collection photos of Lucien you are unveiling this week in Paris?

It’s a series of portraits of Lucien we did for an interview for the magazine BARBERLINE N ° 3, of which I am one of the 3 partners. Lucien was in Paris promoting his latest Supra signature shoe, the Quattro, and as we love him and skateboarding, we rushed in order to make a photo shooting with him. We were excited to meet him and to know more about his life and career.

I really loved shooting Lucien, he’s at ease in front of the camera, he has a great attitude and vibe. He’s cool so it’s easy & fun to shoot him. All the photos were shot on Polaroid and silver film, because I never shoot digital.
Skaters have a real connection with street and urban culture, so in my opinion they have to be shot with relief and grain. Especially skaters like Lucien.

2: julien lachaussée ©

1: julien lachaussée ©

You have been documenting tattoo culture for most of your career. How would you describe the status of this industry currently in France?

I love people more than I love tattoos. I love people’s stories, especially when the stories are tattooed on their skin – which reveals either good or bad memories. It’s kind of a road map. So I naturally started to document the tattoo culture which constantly changes and evolves. Now it’s a real business and trend, also here in France, where a lot of new tattoo artists are based. I don’t know how the industry will evolve but I’m sure I’ll always keep shooting people with intriguing stories on their bodies.

6: julien lachaussée ©

In your opinion, what are the main ingredients in a good photograph?

Well… that’s a hard question. It’s not easy to say, but I think that the most important thing is a great sensitivity which has to be supported by some technical skills in order to pass through Rhodes technical barriers to a camera.
And most of all, be passionate in order to immortalize in the most authentic way a moment that will last forever through photography.

10: julienlachaussée ©

What’s the most important thing about human nature you’ve learned throughout your career as a photographer?

I think that the most important things I’ve learned through all these years of photography, all the incredible people I’ve met, are simplicity, respect, sharing, patience and a lot of love for all these awesome people who give you their time, who welcome you in their homes and share their secrets with you. So you have to be worthy of their trust.


How was working under the wing of Jan Welters? Did you feel that helped
shape your direction as a photographer?

Jan has been a very important meeting both in my professional and private life.
He’s a great person and photographer, with a talented team (assistant, make-up artist, hair stylist, etc) He has real look and a great respect for his models. So it was an amazing experience for me. We had great moments, memories which will last forever in me. He taught me a lot, technically and humanely as well, and most of all, he’s so damn rock’n roll, so i was super hyped to collaborate with him. He will be forever my Jedi master!

7: julien lachaussée ©

What is your life motto?

Enjoy life, don’t waste time with useless things and give happiness and fun around you – to everyone every time!

5: julien lachaussée ©

What is your favorite memory with the SUPRA skate team?  

I got in touch – and started to collaborate – with the Supra team through BARBERLINE magazine, which I founded with my two partners (Mehdi Sotot and Daniel Yiu). We have common friends, mostly skaters, so we got to know Stefania who is really great and shares with us her great energy organizing interviews with the Supra team members and creating passionate projects like the current exhibition.

I feel really pleased and honored to be part of this adventure with the Supra team! We spent a lot of energy and time all together as we wanted to offer an incredible event to Barberline and Supra friends. Especially to Lucien who was the star of the night. We did it, we smashed it! This event will remain an amazing memory and I do hope, not the last.

3: julien lachaussée ©

What is your favorite tattoo? 

My favorite tattoo on my skin is about skateboarding. It means all my life, it was a gift from Tin-Tin the tattoo artist.

No matter what happens in my life, skateboarding will always be an important part of me. It’s more than a passion, hobby or sport, it’s a lifestyle, a way of perceiving things, so I believe that I’ll be skating for my whole life, even when I’m old!


Where do you want to take your career? What is the next step for you?

5 years after its launch I re-released ALIVE TATTOO PORTRAITS earlier this year. I’m working on several upcoming exhibitions, but I’m also focusing a lot on BARBERLINE magazine, which allows me to put together my interests and passions. Stay tuned, because lot of projects are underway!

11: julien lachaussée ©

What does it mean for you to be always on the run?

It means do what I love, follow my passion so basically work hard, all the time, to realize my dreams.

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